TANGLE ILLUSTRATIONS  [2013]  When being in Milano during the design week, I ended up feeling overwhelmed by the massive amount of information and not least by all the people. Trying to find some regularity, I focused on one thing we all had in common. We were all wearing shoes..   I took about 400 photos of shoes. Then I realised they were all individual photos, showing no sign independently of belonging to a specific place or to other people being there at the same time.   The shoes we are wearing can describe our character, but when the shoes is all you see, it ends up pretty anonymous. I wanted to keep that anonymity. That is what the people I photographed was to me, after all. But at the same time I wanted to connect them to each other. Create a mapping system. We were all there, we have met, we just don't know it.   The largest illustration I made is 1400x1000(mm), and it is visualising the map of Milano centre. Abstractly it is demonstrating the places I visited during the week. Me passing by someone who started talking to another one who knew my friend. Everything is tangled. The smaller illustrations are extracts of the same feeling, but are not bound to a specific location.