RECYCLING STATION  [2013]  The municipality of Stockholm Stad has been trying out several different recycling systems since they were first put in order. Still their stations look very temporary and discrete. They are often overfilled and in bad condition.  This is a suggestion for them, built of the idea to embrace recycling. It is time we start to look at recycling as something absolutely necessary and something to be proud of. Cradle to cradle, as they say.   Me and my partner, Fredrik Lindén, wanted our station to be pompous, to be visible. We have chosen to put roof on the bunkers in order to turn the station more into a room and to give a more permanent impression. The stations shall be put in visible places; i.e. in the middle of a square, instead of as nowadays, hidden in the backyards.   Every column is a bunker, and they are all made of the recycled material you are supposed to put into them. Instead of symbols or text, you will instinctually be able to see what goes where. The station won’t be cheap to produce, but it will statue an example of the importance and value of recycling. Recycling stations today are often harassed and exposed for graffiti. Making the station more into a public art installation, put in a central place, would probably keep away most offensive destruction and hopefully help opening peoples eyes.   Under the columns there are tankers. These tankers has a pressing system, which shrink the thrown material and creates more space. When the tank starts to get full, an sensor sounds a silent alarm to the recycling factories, so the trucks only come when they are needed, and therefore spare us from unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.