POCKET KNIFE  [2013]  There is a wide range of pocket knifes on the market today. What makes this example pop is the anti-functions. Instead of taking care of things for us, it requires care from us.     It is not obvious how it is opened. It takes time to open. The idea was to make a knife that can only be used by the owner of the knife.    The knife is meant to make us act responsibly. Partly because it  is shaped without a sharp blade edge and partly because it takes time to open. The idea is you’ll have time to think before acting and hopefully be more responsible because of it.    A leather band is attached to it and acts as a key to open it up. The band can be used as a hanger when the knife is closed and as a comfortable grip when opened.  To create a warm sense, the knife is made of oak. A stainless steel blade is integrated and partly hidden with the oak on the left blade side.   The knife was exhibited in the Arts and Craft Fair at Hamburg Museum der Kunst und Gewarben, nov-dec 2013.   Link: