LEAF ORNAMENT  [2010]  Lamps and armatures has a tendency of taking over a room in a way that I wanted to question in this project. I was looking to find a discrete and simple way to decorate the actual lighting.   The idea is to emphasise the wire and the bulb's functional aesthetics.  During the process I was thinking of different ways to combine the industrial with the organic forms, considering the possible approach of seeing the bulb as a hanging fruit that could become more alive with a leaf by it's side.    The leafs are cut out from recycled beer cans that further has been lacquered in white. The ornament is fixed in position with magnets, which also makes it easy to put on and off.   One important aspect of this project was to create a more delightful lighting than what bulbs normally do. By letting the surface of the leaf be cut after it's skeleton, the light sprinkles through it and creates various shadows in the room.