PACKAGE DESIGN  [2013]  This package is made for Designtorget AB and their christmas edition of glasses. It is developed with the product in mind with a main focus on showing off the product, not the case. It was also a focus to bring the environmental cost down for production and shipping.   The graphics is demonstrating the double sided glasses and their possible field of use. There is a clear header saying "Glögglas" which can be read both when package is closed and opened.   The material is neutral cardboard which is cheap, recyclable and resistant- because of it's air bubble structure. Once the package is opened it is flat and in one piece, which is supposed to make it easy for the customer to put it back into the recycling system.   The measurements are accurate to fit maximum possible amount of packages in the shipping boxes and to leave no unnecessary space. The shape of the package is rectangular, which means minimal waste when producing.   The package (and the glasses) are to be found in Designtorget swedish stores winter 2013.